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Safety in Everyday Life: Our Innovative Airbag Vest Protects Against Injuries From Falls

Poor sleep could increase the risk of falling among seniors. Researchers say that balance is impaired after a night of poor sleep.

Falls can lead to disabilities in the elderly, and hip fractures are widely known as the last fall of an elderly person's life. Falls have always been the first injury in the elderly.

Statistics show that about 30% of people over 65 years old fall each year. The potential risk of falls is no less than that of heart attack and stroke.

Which groups are at high risk?

Elderly people, Parkinson's and epilepsy patients, and those who can easily fall (rehabilitation patients) are the most vulnerable groups.

People with cognitive impairments such as disorientation, dementia and Alzheimer's disease are also at high risk.

Summary of facts

The number of elderly people in Germany is growing: By 2050, an estimated 26 million people are expected to be mobility impaired. About 10.5 million elderly people fall each year, and 50% to 70% of injuries caused by falls require medical treatment. 5% of all hospital admissions are due to falls. Over 350,000+ stays of those aged 65+.

About the published figures

As age increases, body functions decline, and elderly people are prone to bone fractures if they fall. In the case of osteoporosis, the bones of the elderly are relatively fragile, making them prone to falling. It is estimated that 50% of these elderly people will have some degree of disability after the operation, and 20% of them will die from it. Therefore, hip fracture is also known as the last fall of life.

As the population in Germany is getting older, more and more elderly people are living alone. If these elderly people get injured in a fall, it can have very serious consequences without timely help. In this case, automatic emergency systems are important to transmit a cry for help to the emergency contact in time.Is there a fall protection that protects them from falling?

Nuvie protect Airbag Vest has found a solution to the fall problem. Nuvie is developing an intelligent, wearable anti-fall airbag vest that recognizes the body movements of the wearer and automatically unfolds the airbag inside to reduce the impact force before the wearer hits the ground. It provides protection to the body with a soft landing.

Nuvie's airbag vest is reusable

Nuvie's intelligent vest can be reused after triggering. All you need to do is fold the airbag back and put in new gas cartridges.

Nuvie's vision was that the intelligent fall protection vest should not only be able to protect the elderly, but also have a wider range of applications. Therefore, the research and development team conducted a special driving test. During strenuous exercises, such as cycling, there are emergency braking, high-speed rotations and other situations. The instantaneous change of body center of gravity and body angle is similar to that of a fall. The research and development team wanted to test whether the vest would be falsely assessed in such a test. At the end of the test, when all R&D personnel reached their destination, the equipment they were wearing did not falsely report that the vest had been triggered.

Can the intelligent airbag vest also work in case of an accidental fall? In order to further improve the reliability of the fall protection vest, the research and development team continues to improve the performance of the vest. They have reenacted various fall scenarios.

The team hopes that this special airbag protective vest will provide an additional measure of safety in life for the elderly.

Nuvie's intelligent airbag vest is really going to be the guardian angel of the elderly.

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