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About our company

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Our values

Our vision

Back to nature! 100% natural raw materials and nothing else. Comprehensible information on ingredients and uncomplicated natural cosmetics. Provide easy access to high-quality natural cosmetics.


We stand for 100% plant-based ingredients - organic, fair and vegan. Climate-friendly for a healthy environment from production to shipping.


Rauno Rauer

Through my many years of experience as an independent project developer, I have enjoyed working on the realisation and implementation to make the world a little better with nuvie.

Vanessa Pöhlmann

As Head of Office, I coordinate office processes and support the team in working efficiently.

Giovanni Picciocchi

25 years of experience allow me to use my skills to provide solutions that meet the needs of the industry. With my PDL training and 11 specialisations, I adapt to any situation.

Sofia Celeste

I support and advise my clients so that they get the best solution. I respect their needs and provide an experience that meets their expectations.

The vision

A world in which everyone can live self-determined and independently

At nuvie we believethat care should not remain stuck in the past, but should take place in the here and now. That's why we bring care back to where it belongs: into the present.

So that modern care at home gives everyone the opportunity to shape their lives in a self-determined manner. That's why we offer professional care and support services for people who are in need of care at home or support in everyday life. At the same time, we make sure that our nursing teams have the freedom to carry out their work independently and with a lot of commitment.


We know how important it is that both our customers and our employees feel empowered and in control in their everyday lives. That is why we rely on modern, flexible and individually adapted care that improves the well-being of everyone involved.

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