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  • Can the vest be used again after deployment?
    Yes, you can reuse your device even if the airbag deployed! All you have to do is fold the airbag inside the device and insert new gas cylinders. You can follow the user manual and watch the videos if you have any questions.
  • Can I wash the airbag vest?
    Yes, but only the outer part. You cannot wash the other part (which contains the electronic system). To remove it, please watch the tutorial videos that we will send you.
  • Does the product protect the hips?
    Currently, our vest is the best and most direct solution to prevent hip fracture. Our airbag absorbs 90% of the impact when deployed, which is more effective than other traditional hip protectors.
  • How can the benefits in the event of conversion be regulated?
    Conversion benefits can be governed by two conversion mechanisms for convertible bonds: discounted share price or a predetermined number of shares. The issuer specifies which mechanism occurs in the contractual provisions of the bond Discounted share price: The issuer may offer a discount in the share price to which the bondholder is then entitled upon conversion of the bond (e.g. 25% discount in the share price at the time of conversion). Predetermined number of shares: Another mechanism that the issuer can employ is the possibility for the bondholder to receive a predetermined number of shares for its bond(s) at the time of their conversion (e.g. each bond is redeemed in 10 shares converted).
  • Do I invest in a bond or buy a stock?
    Convertible bonds are hybrid securities that combine features of traditional bonds (such as interest payments) with the option for the bonds to be converted into shares at a later date. The contractual terms of the bond define how it is converted. For example, it defines the conditions under which the conversion takes place and which events trigger an automated conversion. With the conversion, you get real shares. If there is no conversion, your invested capital and accrued interest will be repaid.
  • Can I wear the airbag vest under my clothes?
    No, we recommend wearing the airbag vest on the outside so that the airbags can easily deploy in the event of a fall.
  • Is there a loss participation or an obligation to make additional payments?
    No, with convertible bonds, investors have no loss participation or additional payment obligations.
  • Is there a weight limit?
    There are five different sizes (S-XXL) of the airbag vest for users to choose according to the size chart. (If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our customer service before you buy). One thing to note is that if you are overweight, the effectiveness of the airbag protection may be reduced.
  • Are there other vest designs?
    We care about protecting the elderly, but also attach great importance to their pursuit of beauty and fashion. Our designers will try to meet different aesthetic needs with even more diversified designs. Please stay true to our trends.
  • Is there an age limit?
    The vest is primarily intended for seniors who have mobility issues and are over 60 years old. The airbag vest is designed to protect the hips, back and head.
  • How long can I use the vest after charging?
    The battery has a capacity of 5,000 milliamps. It is typically active for 3-4 days on a single charge. When the display shows a red signal, it means the battery is almost empty and you should charge it.
  • What is the lifespan of a battery?
    The battery can be recharged and discharged over 500 charge cycles. A charge cycle means fully charging the battery and also using it completely empty. When the battery has reached its end of life, we recommend that you purchase a new original battery from an authorized dealer. We do not recommend you to use other brands battery, because different suppliers' products have different parameters.
  • Can the vest be worn and transported on the bus, train or plane?
    It's okay to ride the bus, subway, and bullet trains. However, if you do need to take an airplane, please note that the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations clearly state that passengers may not carry more than two compressed cylinders built into the life jackets and no more than two spare gas cartridges. Almost all airlines in our country are members of this association. However, since each airline's implementation level is different, it is strongly recommended that you check with the relevant airline before boarding to explain the use of this product and your requirements. Airport security and the airline will ultimately decide if your luggage will be accepted on board.
  • How heavy is the airbag vest?
    The airbag including the vest weighs around 1.5 to 1.7 kg (depending on size). When worn on the body, the weight is comfortable. It is considered comfortable.

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